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[ mood | calm ]

so do u think we will have school tomarrow?

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yeah so today i was really pissed about something but i feel alot better that i got it out. sometimes in order to make things better u have to let it out. and i do feel alot better. my problem is now solved and i can move on with my life. thats what people have to do sometimes fix their problems.
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i cant seem to get a hold of my life lately. Everytime i think i am doing something right it seems to be the complete opposite. Ive been trying to make the best of all my problems but i cant stay happy. I quit my job thank god but now i am nervous about this new one. I dont think i am gunna like it at all. I am used to working with kim and now we arent which is bad. I am glad breen got the job so now i am work with her. Cynthia got the job to but doesnt start for a while. there is so much stuff i ahve to do but i keep putting it off because i just dont feel like it. i am nervous about this being my senior year but i am happy too because then i can move onto the next stage of my life. I want to go to college then get the job of my choice. Then eventually get married and have kids. I am almost finished with my xmas shopping and that is good cause i still have alil money left. ahhhh i start a new job tomarrow i dont know i am just nervous thats all.

oh man guys there is school tomarrow

[ mood | sad ]

ya know by working i dont eat as much and i do more moving around but why is it that i seem to be gaining more weight. its bothering me so much like the scale says i lost a few pounds but i dont look like it. it looks like i gained weight this summer. and i really cant stand it. i am not gunna go all psyco and not eat or throw up everything but i do want to lose weight. like maybe 10 pounds. i dont know how to throw.


[ mood | tired ]

well i got my scedual and here it is.

she didnt give me so many hours this week because she had me work 36 hours this week. the week after should be a mess but hey i am not complaining. me and the a&p manager thingy talked about my hours and i wont work any more sundays and one other day in the middle of the week.

watch out kim u are gunna get stressed with the ass holes that go in there. i got a scarey one today and i almost cried.


[ mood | content ]

oh my god guys i am completly drained i dont think these is another ounce of me left that can stand for a day but guess what i have to anyways. this weeks scedual sucks even more then the last one.
wed-off yay! finally
guys that is 36 hours holy cow. but i talked to the lady thing and i toldher the scedual for when school starts and this is my avalibily
sun-off (never have to work a sunday ever )
mon- 4p-9p (i told her that i do have to have a day off in the middle of
tues-4p-9p the week so i will always have 2 days off. so i am okay
wed-4p-9p with those hours its alot but whatever)

well for all the sims2 fans here is the countdown for ya 27 days till it is released into the world. i reserved one for me because i am a freak and i have to make sure i get one or ill melt. i have waited for this bitch for a year so i am ready for it. the sucky part is i dont know when ill have time to play it . we will be in school then after i have to go to work so hmmm. oh i have an idea i dont need to sleep i can go to school go to work go to arturos then go home and play until it is time to go to school it is perfect i mean who needs sleep now a days. sleeping is so over rated. i mean i havent slep in a while and look at me i am fine. i am doign great i am alil cranky sometimes but thats normal. lol. so yeah that is the plan. NO SLEEP!. oh man i foung the perfect diet ever. WORK!!! i dont know why but they send me on my lunch break and i dont eat i just dont get hungry anymore. i am used to eating all day because i am in the house and well i havent eaten more than 1 and a half meals since i started working its great. i wake up and eat a lil snack a cookie or some lil thing then go to work and at 6p i eat a plate of food and dont finish it because im just not hungry at all. its weriod. whatever who needs to eat. i mean i dont need to sleep or eat. forget it. i quit. i have to get ont he scale and see if i lost any weight because i have to have lost something. ill check when i get up in the morning. man i hope arturo is ready for bed. we are freaks we go to bed at the same time. we tuck eat other in over the phone lol. i cant sleep unless i know he is in his bed sleeping. i am so broken. man i am gunna be suck a bitch in the morning bedcause i have to get up and take a shower and be at work by 10. good luck customers.
well i am gunna go call arturo now

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[ mood | bored ]

okay guys i forgot to mention this before.
i gave out some avon books yesterday and didnt write the dates due on them so here they are.

wellness(orange one)---august 23
beauty on a budget---whenever
inspirational treatures--oct 7th (day after my birthday)
wellness(green one)---august 26th
avon---sept 9th

if u arent reciving avon books dont worry school is coming and u will get them there. sorry about that.

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[ mood | happy ]

this is my school scedual:
standard english
ind living
intro to computers
..then i go home yay!
yeah seems easy i hope it is.

i should find out my work scedual today or tomarrow
cynthia comes back in (counting today )4 days yay!
andreia comes back in 5 yay!

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[ mood | exhausted ]

okay the first thing i would like to say is whoever ordered avon i am just letting u know that it was sent out from avon to me yesterday so it should be here any day now. i am gunna try giving it out on wed or thurs. if it comes in by then. if it doesnt come in by then well ur gunna have to pick it up or we will arrange something cause well i have to work. I SAW KIM TODAY AT MY JOB!!lol sorry i got excited because well there is no sign of human life there they are all very crazy and make weriod sounds out of no where. although well my friends do to so well i guess its normal but i don tknow oh well. my back and legs are killing me i was standing for 6 hours. i dont have to work tomarrow so i can sleep but i do on thurday till 4. yeah it is weriod cuase i got home at 4:15 and i sat down and turo called and said yeah i am leaving work ill be there in a lil but. that was weriod i am normally waiting all day for him. i loved work today it was really cool. the people are awsome they are very welcomeing and they are all like"WE LOVE WHEN PEOPLE ASK QUESTIONS" they are funny too. CYNTHIA IS COMING HOME ON MONDAY YAY! but i probubly have to work DAmn it okay ill see her after and ANDREIA IS COMING HOME TUESDAY! yay! i dont really hang out with andreia but i am excited shes coming back anyways i miss them both alot. well turo will be here any min and i have to get ready.

kim i called u but no one answered. i am leaving my house so call turos cell when u get the chance.

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[ mood | nervous ]

ahhhhh i start work tomarrow at 9 and it is until 3 its a long time but i its money and it doesnt interfiere with my arturo time.
sun---i dont know
so the ones that suck it fri and sat. but it could be worse. she failed to mention what day is pay day i cant wait for my first pay check.lol.


[ mood | happy ]

so kim and tara slep over last night and we had alot of fun. at 6:30 turo and mike came over and we hung out in my basement then carlos came then kim came then tara came. well all of us put together caused trouble for other people. we ended up prank calling alan and it was the greatest prank ever! around 10 the boys left and me kim and tara set up kims giant blow up mattress in the living room. all night we talked about stuff and people that made us mad. then we were talking abotu freaky stuff and tara scared us so she told us a story about princesa apryl and pirate kim and tara the magiction(sp?) and cynthia the dragon and arturo the prince and well i think that is all. i dont really remember alot because it was 4 in the morning and we were all tired. we had to get up at 9:40 because tara had to leave earily. well me and kim we exhausted we were gunna go back to sleep when she left but we were too awake. then we asked my mom to bring us to the school to see the guidence people and everything in the rooms were int he hall and it was weriod and then we left. then i droped kim off and well here i am

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kim do u know any sites to get sims furiture from
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never ever will i talk to a cell phone person [080504@03:24PM]
[ mood | content ]

oh man yesterday i had the weriodest day ever and ya knwo i dont like it. me and my mom went to samsclub and there is a cell phone section and i wanted to look at the papers that say what the prices were so i went over and the guy that was there started talking to me. he was like 25 years old and not completly ugly but ugly enough. well he was like yeah sprint is really good and i was like well i cant afford that and he was like well if u work here then u can afford it. then me and my mom were tellign him how crappy tmobile is and he was like yeah u should get sprint. then he was like ill print out an application to work here. i didnt want to be mean so i waited and the printer was so slow and there was a million pages. he asked us what kind of phone we had and my mom reached into her purse to get it and relized it was in the car so she went outside and left me there alone wiht this guy. i kinda walked to the other side of the stand and he followed me. then he was like do u think u would be intrested in working here and i was like i guess but do tey hire here at 16. he was quiet for a second and he was like u are 16 i u look alot older and i was like no im 16. then he said well u are a very good looking 16 year old and i kinda turned my head and said thank u and i wanted to see if my mom was coming threw the door yet. then i dont know why but he started talking about going to college and i acted like i was listenign but i wasnt then all of a sudden he was like so can i have ur number. and i looked at him and was like um for what? and he was like so we can talk sometime and i was liek well i will write it on the application. i have to finish shopping then ill be back to hand u the paper. then my mom came back and he was like yeah cingular is a bad phone and i was like okay well thank u. then i rushed my mom out of that section of the store and my mom was like yeah he was looking at ur butt apryl and i was like mom and then i told her what happened and she laughted at me. never again will i talk to cell phone people. normally i dont talk to strangers even if i have a question but i desided to be brave and look what happens never again. the funny thing was i told arturo too and he laughed at me too. how is that funny it was scarey. i am so done talking to strangers.

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[ mood | bored ]

omg thank god all of that is over now. i got a letter from andreia. cynthia is coming back on the 23rd and andreia on the 24th so i am really excited. we arent gunna go paintballin on the 8th we are gunna wait till at least the 29th. does anyone knw when we start school?

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[ mood | sad ]

this day can not get any worse


[ mood | content ]

this is me and turos puppyCollapse )


i am gunna go crazy [080204@02:17PM]
[ mood | worried ]

the past few days have been the worst few days of my life and arturo is there for me but there is some things that i need a friend to talk to about. cynthia is gone in florida and andreia is in portugal. they are the people i talk to about everything and now i dont have either of them. this thing that has been bothering me is probubly the worst thing that could ever happen to me or well the second worst. i know i have friends and all but this thing is just something i cant just come out and talk about to anyof them i do need to talk but i cant figure out who would understand me. the thing that sux is i need to talk to cynthia about this and i dont even think i can talk to her about it. i guess its because i am afraid that i will explain the situation wrong and people would take it diffrent then what i am actualy what i am talkig about. this whole entry makes no sence at all. but i dont think i make any sence to myself. i dont know if i am the only personthat thinks this way but i dont understand y i think the way i do. and the way i act these mood swings are so unnatural. one moment i will be okay with something but then the next i will be so angry. oh and me crying i havent stoped crying in 3 days but ya know sometimes i dont even know y i was crying. i do but then i think well what is this gunna do. crying doesnt solve anything. turo says that he thinks i am gunna go crazy eventualy lol. yeah well i think so to. i dont know what is wrong and if i did i probubly wouldnt know how to fix it anyways. i make no sense at all but i dont know.

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worst party ever [080104@10:38PM]
[ mood | moody ]

that is it i am never going to one of my cousins birthday parties again. omg i got there and they were like are u still with that dude. wtf i have been with him 2 years and they cant remember his name. then they didnt think i was listenign but oh yes i was. they were telling my dad not to worry because we are probubly gunna brake up because we are to young to know what we want. whatever i knwo what i want and so does he we want each other. who the hell do they think they are i see them like 5 times the whole year and they think that they know me. whatever they have no room to talk about any ones relationships because they all cxant get along with the people they are married to. the people that are around can see how much we love each other. they think jus becuase they are my family they know everything in my life. hello some of them didnt even know that i have my permit and im geting my licence in 2 months. how stupid can they get. another thing about this stupid party we got there and i didnt eat before because i feel bad if i eat before a party then when i get there not eat cause i am not hungry. i got there and they didnt have any food and when i was thirsty they didnt have anything. who has a party without any food and if ur not goign to u could at least tell us so we dont have to starve to death. omg people make me so angry. grrrr.

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[ mood | pissed off ]

i am home now and i am pissed as hell u have no idea. i have been so nice to pito because i felt bad for him and he lied to me and the rest of us so bad like this lie there is no way i will forgive him. okay pito lost his job and we all felt bad so we tried getting him another job and the other day he pickedme up and brought me to a& p and then we hung out for like 2 hours. well the whole time i was convinceing him not to be upset because he was fired and i was like of yeah they were jsut jelous and shit like that ya know the kind of stuff u say to get people to feel better well on the way to my house we saw alvin in front of us so he was like meet me at my house so we did and well he works at the place pito worked at and he was like yeah he is such an ass and i cant believe he quit when he said that we were all like what he quit? yeah so pito has been telling us that he was promoted to working with this machine well the truth is he was promoted to sweeping up the whole place. he was being paid to sweep $8.75 an hour to sweep and he fuckin quit. they said he threw a fit told them he quit and left peeling out. what the hell his lazy ass cant handle it fine he can go fuck his bitch. the reason he quit was because they were making fun of him for sweeping who cares omg.we are pissed ass hell. ya know i hope he really loves his bitch girlfriend because now thats all he has left.


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